About Kimmara

Kimmara Rosehart is a multi-talented artist and Life Coach learning and honing her crafts for over 30 years. You’ll hear her say “Yes, I can do that” with consistency. Practicing the Real Love principles has helped her become unconditionally loving which flows to all of her clients.

“Thanks for the unconditional editing of free spirit Kimmara Rosehart for helping me publish this book” says Jerry Tucker, PGA Master Professional and author of Symmetrical Golf.


Life Coaching

Kimmara helped me grow in ways I never thought possible, it was the most loving experience of my life having her as a Coach. I highly recommend experiencing her unconditionally loving presence. ~ DB of Phoenix, AZ

I always knew that no matter what was going on in my life connecting with Kimmara would put me at ease and helped me remember that I am loved and complete. The moment of hearing her voice a sense of peace would immediately wash over me. Such a lovely person. ~ JB, Raleigh, NC

Do you want unconditional love in your life? Call Kimmara, she’ll help get you there! It’s clear that Kimmara is “walking the talk.” She is patient and I truly feel listened to while talking with her.  ~ TR of Denver, CO

Various Testimonials

From Donna Baer, Owner of The Real Love Company:

Kimmara started her contract with The Real Love Company in August, 2013 and is a valued member of our team.

Kimmara’s duties include:

    • Technical set up and editing of our weekly live video webinars, then uploading those webinars to YouTube and archiving them to our website.
    • Creating a video introduction for promotional video clips, and editing additional weekly promotional video clips.
    • Continuing to assist in the audio recording and editing of books for release on CD and Audible.
    • Advising and executing a variety of other tasks, as needed.

Completed the following projects:

    • Filmed, edited and captioned a 35 day online Parenting seminar posting on Facebook and YouTube.
    • Filmed and edited a 45 hour online course for RealLoveParents.com
    • Filmed and edited a 15 hour DVD webinar series.
    • Assisted in the audio recording of 6 books and edited them for release on CD and Audible.
    • Video recorded several seminars and prepared them for release.

Kimmara responds and works promptly, is reliable and contributive.

From Tim N. Kremer, M.A., President and Founder, Peak Performance Mind Coach:

I have used Kimmara’s services many times during the past several years – editing, producing, marketing, and design.  She brings a high level of professionalism to everything she does, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance a project that has any number of communication and marketing needs.

Website and Domain testimonial From William McNeely Jr.:

Approximately 10 years ago Kimmara Rosehart transformed my very average looking website into a site that was spectacular & beautiful. The entire site is a more effective presentation working much better leaving me totally pleased with it!

We have since worked together with updates & tweaks for the website which also have proven to be very worthwhile. Last year she also designed another site for me which once again I have been completely happy with. I certainly would highly recommend Kimmara for any web site design or to improve an existing site.

Book design and editing testimonial from Jerry Tucker, PGA Master Professional and author of Symmetrical Golf:

Kimmara Rosehart was an excellent resource to help me get my book published, quickly and professionally.  She took me through the process step-by-step and was always prompt getting her work finished on time.  If she didn’t know the answer to one of my questions, she found it within minutes or hours. Kimmara’s fees are very reasonable and she was extremely pleasant and patient at all times.  I heartily recommend hiring Kimmara to help you with your project.

Website and Domain testimonial From Chairman of Divine Science School Board:

The Divine Science School held it’s conference meeting tonight and I presented the 1st quarter stats that she sent me. We were all impressed. Everyone on the board asked me, on their behalf, and mine, to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the designing of our site and the statistic presentation. Thank you!!!!